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Dr. Sarah's Path

Growing up in Haiti and seeing the pain and suffering that we experience in this life solidified my desires to be a "listener." I was this quiet, shy six year old, who didn't even know the word "therapy." But even then, I could sense that having a space where people could share their stories and feel seen and validated would be a powerful, healing, and much needed space.

And so, I persevered. I studied Psychology and Women's and Gender Studies at Pace University. I received my doctorate in Clinical Psychology at University of La Verne. I worked in university counseling centers, psychiatric hospitals, and skilled nursing facilities. Most recently, I have been fascinated with online counseling. I mostly work with individuals who feel stuck, hopeless, and isolated. I also work with folks who experience trauma and grief, and who aren't sure how to move forward. 

I utilize Feminist Therapy, Buddhist Psychology, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). Some of the questions that these theoretical approaches attempt to explore are: can we practice acceptance around the fact that we experience suffering? Can we be present with our suffering? Can we practice engaging in a value-guided, passion-filled life while we're suffering?

Now, that you know a bit about my story and my view on therapy, I do hope we can connect with each other. Know that I am so looking forward to walking with you on your journey.

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