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so, you're thinking about online counseling?

Yay! So excited that you're here. I have started providing online counseling, teletherapy or distance counseling (there are lots of names for it :D) last year, and I fell in love immediately.

Why do I love it so much?


The reason that I value the most is that I can be in Albany, NY and you could be in Harlem, the Bronx or Far Rockaway, and as long as we have the technology, we could still meet.


Other positives? We don't need to drive or take public transportation. It's incredibly accessible; you could potentially be in bed (if you're not feeling too well or have some physical limitations) and we can still meet. It's convenient. We could check in during your lunch hour, if absolutely necessary. Of course, I'd encourage you to eat during that hour and, I'd do all of the talking if needed :D If there's some terrible weather event, you don't need to travel. Just grab your tech and let's meet. Also, if the world's ending or the apocalypse is upon us, we could quickly meet; hopefully there's WiFi still.

So, give it a try.

Would love to connect.

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