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Reasons And Options For Group Therapy

You might notice certain maladaptive patterns in your relationships. Maybe you feel left out, unheard, and invalidated. You might feel lonely, even if you're surrounded by close friends. Maybe there's a part of you that wants to be vulnerable with others, but you hold yourself back.


I think group therapy would be perfect for you. You can learn more about yourself, and learn more about the patterns that arise in your relationships. It's a place where you can feel seen and heard. It's a place to find community; a place to bond and find joy with people who experience similar heartaches and difficulties. It's a place to celebrate and to acknowledge each others' ability to overcome challenges.  

Group of Friends

Making Friends With Depression and Anxiety

Experiencing deep sadness, and intense worries and fears can be heart-wrenching. You might feel alone, isolated, misunderstood, and ashamed. In this group, we will explore how these uncomfortable emotions show up for you, and we will do something cool! We are going to make friends with and learn ways to walk with our difficult feelings and thoughts. We will explore ways to give those parts of ourselves the space they need to be heard. We will learn ways to walk with them as we live meaningful and purposeful lives. We will treat them as we would a loved one. We might even give those parts of ourselves names. This group will meet once a week on Fridays at 11-1230pm.

Group of Female Friends

Enhancing Body Love and Self-Acceptance

Body love can be HARD. Accepting all of ourselves is challenging. You might be walking around, everyday, disliking various parts of your body, disliking the things you say or do, and feeling ashamed about who you are and how you present in the world. I discuss why self-love proves to be so difficult here. This group will assist you in learning ways to accept and love your body and yourself. As the group progresses, you will notice that you'll start to feel more at peace. You will learn ways to be kind, gentle, patient, and empathetic with yourself. This group will meet once a week on Fridays from 1-230pm.


Connection In The Age of Social Distancing

As the novel coronavirus pandemic and social distancing and quarantining increase, we might feel uncertain, anxious, fearful, frustrated and lonely. In this online counseling group, we can explore reactions to this pandemic, ways that we're coping, and find community with each other. Most importantly, we'll explore ways to find joy with each other. I imagine us sharing songs, writing, meditating, dancing and stretching, if we can, sharing positive news, and practicing gratitude and compassion. We can meet weekly on Fridays from 3-430pm.

Best Friends
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