2021 is Upon Us!

And I've been hearing that it'll be a much calmer year.

Here's hoping!

But as we know, for many of us, if the COVID-19 pandemic ends, we might experience other painful pandemics relating to oppression or injustices and climate change.

I am planning to have support group options every month in 2021 to alleviate some of our suffering, particularly to target the loneliness pandemic -- support groups focusing on self-care and self-compassion or self-kindness.

In addition to providing a space in which you all can process life challenges, we'll meditate together, where we get to ask our highest selves for guidance, we'll journal, we'll reflect on our superpowers and explore ways to enhance them. We'll explore ways to soften and eradicate qualities within us that aren't serving us. We'll also explore ways we can use self-compassion practices to alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety, by reading Neff's Self-Compassion: The Proven Power of Being Kind to Yourself, and discussing how we can apply daily self-compassion practices in our lives.

Do get in touch to learn more and to get support from myself and other fellow humans.

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