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Take a deep breath and melt, my dear.

The last pose in yoga is typically shavasana or corpse pose, or mummy pose. After all the hard work -- using the body to connect to creative movements, movements of freedom (movements that millions of other practitioners have connected with for ~5,000 years) and using the mind to send kindness, understanding, and love to others, we come to the last pose -- where many teachers say to let go. Letting go so much that we can imagine melting into the floor or falling through the air.

I was lucky enough to attend a talk with Buddhist writer, teacher, and Queen Lama Rod Owens this past Thursday. The talk was perfection and it spoke to this idea of softening.

Of letting go.

Of loosening.

Of melting.

In it, Lama Rod reminded us of the importance of remembering; he said that perhaps all mindfulness or meditation practice is this process of remembering.

Remembering who we are. Remembering that the earth is always holding and supporting us. Remembering to breathe. Remembering that we are worthy of spaciousness, as yogi, Kia Islam, once said. Remembering that space and stillness are always here in the present moment.

When we inhale, there's a space, and if we pause in that space, we might be able to touch and taste joy. We might be able to touch peace. We can let that space hold us and maybe even carry us. And, luckily after the exhale, we can live in that space again.

During the talk, a wonderful practitioner shared Aly Halpert's Loosen Loosen.

And, I am so grateful.

I hope that you're able to sit, connect to your holy breath, listen, and soften.

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