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It's World Meditation Day!



I want so badly for everyone to love meditation. I know. I know. We all should explore different coping skills that work for us, and utilize the skills that we love. But, I would be lying if I told you I didn't try to get all of my clients on board with meditation and mindfulness :D :D

If you feel inclined to, I do hope that you get to make some time to practice mindfulness today. Sometimes we think that meditating means sitting on a cushion, closing our eyes, listening to a guided meditation, and focusing on our breath. There's definitely value in that.

But! I think it could be other things. Lately, I've been loving being mindful as I wash my hands-- really feeling my feet on the ground and noticing my breath, the warm water, the bubbles, the colors. Practicing loving kindness meditation as I wash my hands-- also great. May we all be happy. May we all be safe. May we all be healthy. May we all live with ease.

D e e p b r e a t h s.

It could be washing the dishes in a mindful way. Going on the patio and really being immersed in nature, paying attention to the birds, the trees, the kids running around playing, smiling at our neighbors, and being grateful to be able to witness this moment. Being grateful to be in this moment.

It could be writing. Noticing the words on the paper, the colors, the curves of the letters, as you also notice sensations throughout your body, or notice your other senses -- the smells, the sounds, the flavors in your mouth.

Singing in a mindful way. Dancing. Listening to your favorite song.

Close your eyes.


You're here.

You've arrived.

There's nothing to do.

There's nowhere to be.

Sit here with me.

And, breathe.

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